Technical Data Sheet

Product: Factory prepared dry powder mortar, for manual and machine application

Uses: Decor finish onto all standard mineral base coats, onto the reinforced meshing coats of insulation renders and filters. For producing a range of white or colored, sponged finish and scratched finish textures in external and internal areas. Component of the external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS).

Composition: White lime, white cement, hydrophobic polymers, marble and Quartz sand and additives to improve workability and adhesion.

Performance: Workable, manual and machine applicable décor finish render. White marble aggregate and white binding agent produce the brilliant white color. Different grain sizes, 1mm, 2m, 3,4mm produce a choice of textured finishes. Once hardened they are water-vapour and CO2 permeable, frost resistant with low staining tendencies, non-combustible and weather resistant.

Technical Data:

compressive strength : >2,5-7 N/mm2

μ-value : 10-15

absorption rate : w2 water-repellent

minimum thickness : 2mm>

water requirement : 5,5kg/sack

coverage aprox : 1,5 kg/m2/mm

Packaging: Paper sacks, sack content 25kg (42 sack per pallet= 1050kg)

Storage: Dry and protected, do not store for longer than 6 months