The product is a blend of special cement, quartz and other selected additives which produces a highly effective waterproofing repair mortar. Can be used on the positive or negative side of the structure, and will withstand water permeation under hydrostatic pressure, this makes the mortar ideal for repairs to cellars, subways, tunnels, lift shafts, swimming pools and the like. The waterproof mortar works by the formation of insoluble crystals which penetrate the water bearing capillaries in the masonry, thus effectively blocking them and forcing permanent water tightness for the structure’s lifetime. It is durable and resistant to frost after setting and at the same time vapour permeable, is also tested and approved for contact with drinking water.

Ideal for heavy duty repairs in damp areas.

Use as a waterproof protection against rising damp.

Easy to mix and apply.

Fast drying, low odour, non toxic.

Use: Internally – externally, vertically or horizontally.

Appearance: Pre-blended cement based powder.

Mix 25kg of product to 4-5 lt. of water.

Coverage : Approx. 2-2.5 kg/(m^2), mm thick.

Compressive strength 28 days : ~40mpa.

Bending tensile strength 28 days : ~5mpa.

Capillary absorption : 0.07 kg/(m^2)(h^0.5).

Positive pressure : 1.5 atm.

Negative pressure : 0.4 atm.

Availability : 25kg plastic container.